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Emo Love Quotes


This world brought me down...
Crashed me to the floor
and stomped on me.
Let me down,
turned its back
and walked away
to leave me lay on the
cold hard ground to die alone.

Death is God's way
of saying you're fired.
Suicide is humans way
of saying you can't fire me, I quit.

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I wake up every morning
hoping it will be a better day
than the last and I go to bed
every night wondering
why someone always
has to prove me wrong.

why am i still here
when i know i have
only been used and lied to?

Sometimes it feels
like someone is watching over.
saying. "oh she's happy again,
we can't have that!"

If you love someone
They will hurt you
If you trust someone
They will lie to you
If you need someone
They will leave you
If you want someone
You can't have them
If you care

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I don't know
what I want in life.
I don't know
what I want right now.
All I know is
that I'm hurting
so much inside
that it's eating me,
and one day,
there won't be any of me left.

I hate what I have become
to escape what I hated being.

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