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Love Hurts Quotes


Letting go, even if it hurts,
doesn't mean you
have to let go of everything.
You just have to let go of the person
and your feelings for her/him
but the memories will always be there
whether it's good or bad.
Because everytime
you remember those memories,
it will always put
a smile into your heart.
And be glad that once
in your life this person
made you happy and
put colors into your life
even if it's just for a while.

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Love is hard work;
and hard work sometimes hurts!

Love that we cannot have
is the one that lasts the longest,
hurts the deepest
and feels the strongest.

The part that hurts me the most,
is knowing that I once
had you and then lost you...

I've found out why people laugh.
They laugh because it hurts...
because it's the only thing
that'll make it stop hurting.

Love the heart that hurts you
but never the heart that loves you

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I needed sunshine in my days
something to wash away the pain
I saw a very gentle side of him
That took my heart
and Made it sing
I wish he’d run away
And hide with me
Love hurts so much more
Than it seems
There was one thing
I didn’t show I love him
and He doesn’t know.

I have found the paradox
that if I love until it hurts,
then there is no hurt,
but only more love.

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