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Forbidden Love Poetry
Do You Know?


The little things do count,

In each and every way.

They prove you really care,

And that you listen to what I say.


Do you know I hate mornings,

And don't get up until noon?

Do you know I hate opening up,

And I don't want to break my cocoon?

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Do you know I love pop tarts,

And have my own secret stash?

Do you know I'm terrified of planes,

And I have nightmares of them taking a crash?


Do you know I'm obsessed with music,

And I listen to it non-stop?

Do you know I love the stars,

And stare at them from my rooftop?


Do you know I write poetry every day,

And it's my never ending escape?

Do you know I hate my body,

And every little detail about it's shape?

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Do you know I'm still a cutter,

And it's still my never-ending fight?

Do you know I always yell with my parents,

And it's a constant battle every night?


Just because you may know these things,

There's something you forgot.

Because you couldn't read between the lines,

And you couldn't connect each and every dot?


Do you know my heart still flutters,

With every sweet and kind thing you do?

Do you know you're my perfect guy,

And that I've completely fallen for you?

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