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Lesbian Love Poems
Torture of Our Love


There was a time,
that I wished that I could touch you

if only I could reach out
across the void of time and space
and embrace you
or just look into your eyes

then I could survive the torture
of our love
the torture of loving
one so far away
yet still so close

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that I could feel your presence
as the warmth of the sun
I could smell you
as each breath was drawn into my lungs
I could taste you
as the air moved across my tongue.

You were with me in spirit
As I also stood by you
our hearts touching
our souls uniting

how I longed for you
as I cried silent tears
wondering if I will ever quench my desire
my desire to see you, touch you, feel you...
I thought I would die from the torture of our love

How envious I was of the towel
that you reached for after your shower.
How tormented I was,
wishing I were
the inanimate objects of your daily life...
your fork or spoon.

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The only links we had were technical:
phone and personal computers
As I longed for more...
my dreams were so vivid of you talking with me,
from across the span of a room...

I dream of rising and walking toward you,
taking your hand in mine
days come and go...
time unkind...

How long before this torture of our love

More Lesbian Love Poems Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]


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