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Relationship Poems


Often have I seen relationships crying,
Dying in the hands of their loved ones.
Broken, shattered, slowly, steadily.
The history of relationships,
Written on the heart incalculably.
Those who have been hardened by the fire of Love,
Have endured the fieriest of fires.
Is that what was written in their destiny?
The paucity of a particular quality,
Decides the non-existence of their life
To them, it has been long hard path,
But they had reached their final destination.
Some relationships are built on the pillars of wealth and fame,
Some have been fooled by cheats,
And some fooled because they are the cheats.

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Some have eyes that are wet and moist,
Some dwell in relationships of unreal feelings-
Even though they are full of feelings. They have fallen in their endeavor.
Some relationships are built on the grave of relationships,
Those who do not adapt, do not survive very long,
Not avoiding the storm of misfortune and sufferings!
Relationships built on greed and selfishness
Often represent the timeline of bubbles,
Now they are here, and now they are gone.
Some relationships are hidden in the distance,
Leaving like those who deserted us!
Some climb the walls of Troy,
But they don’t realize that the horse is a decoy.
Living, Staggering ,Faltering ,dying
Yet it tries to fathom the calamity.

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But some relationships are different,
From birth to youth – while passing through old age,
Are like the hard fought victories of war.
Such relationships are seen once in a lifetime!
Every time I see this true relationship
Birds sing to the tune of love!
The Moon shines brightly in the sky!
And sometimes even the sun comes out at night.
It is not every night that we can see the moon,
Neither does the rainbow always bloom.
So maybe this cute candid relationship
In seen in centuries, found like a long lost fairytale!
But it exists, and I am happy, in me and you!


More Relationship Poems Page  [ 1 ]


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