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Saddest Story
The Wedding Vows


When I was six years old, I met him at the playground and he came up to me with a daisy and knelt on both knees and asked me to marry him. So I pushed him over and ran away. Two days later he came over and asked if he could play cops and robbers with me and from that day on, we played together everyday.

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On my first day of secondary school when I was eleven years old, I was very nervous but at lunch time he came to me and we sat down and ate lunch together. We did this everyday for an entire year. You were the first person that I told about everything. About my crushes, about my lessons and about all the people I hated. When I was 13, I thought I was the only one who had never been kissed and you offered to show me how. We shared our first kiss by the tree in your back garden.

When I was fifteen years old, we went to our first proper house party and I got drunk. Even though I made a fool of myself, you were there to help me stand strong. You didn’t judge and neither did you make fun of me.

We began to drift apart during the next year and we each made different friends. I got my first serious boyfriend and you went through quite a few girlfriends. May came together with prom night. Everything was arranged as I prepared excitedly for that day. I got my outfit for months only to find out on the day before that my boyfriend cheated on me. The first person I turned to was you. You turned up at my door with a bouquet of roses and a vintage 1950s car.

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I laughed that night.
I cried that night.

We had three glorious years together where I would smile everyday. Even on the last day when your mother stood up in church in front of your coffin and began reading from your diary:

"I saw you when I was six standing by the bench in a blue checked dress and daisy shoes and I needed to give you another daisy because… Because I loved you from that day on."

His wedding vows written the day after prom which I will never get to hear.


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