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Unrequited Love Quotes


I've convinced everyone
else that I don't like you
and that I don't want you anymore.
Now all I need to do
is convince myself.

The weirdest thing happened
the other morning...
I woke up with tears in my eyes...
and one rolling down my cheek...
and I knew I must have been
dreaming of you again.

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Days continue to pass,
stars continue to shine.
Why do I have tears
in my eyes today
when he was NEVER mine?

She's got him
falling head over heels
for her and I can't even
get him to stumble..

I’m going to smile
and make you think I’m happy,
I’m going to laugh,
so you don’t see me cry,
I’m going to let you go in style,
and even if it kills me
- I’m going to smile.

Should I smile
because he's my friend,
or cry because
that's all he is?

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Don't ever give up
if you still want to try,
Don't ever wipe your tears
if you still want to cry.
Don't ever settle for an answer
if you still want to know.
Don't ever say you don't love him
if you can't let him go.

The day you finally decide
to love me will be the day
after the day I have
given up on chasing you

As soon as forever is through,
I'll be over you.

More Unrequited Love Quotes Page  [ 1 ]


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