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Vampire Love Story
A Vampire's Enchanting Kiss Part 1

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As the willows danced in the wind, a soft breeze blew through Victoria's hair. Knelt down at her father's tombstone, her tears fell to the newly laid earth as she clenched a fist full of soil. Soft whispers swarmed around her. Frightened she stood up, and looked around, her knuckles white as she tightened her grip on the soil of her father's grave. “Daddy?” Victoria asked through broken cries.

She was her Daddy's little girl, even at twenty-four, she was still his little girl. He was the only family she had left, and they were inseparable. An unfortunate hear attack had claimed the life of her father, much too soon. Their bond was unbreakable, no man could ever measure up to the one who now lay in front of her.

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Victoria stepped closer to his marbled tombstone, “Loving Father” engraved, and spread the dirt from her fists, across the top. Another whisper carried past her. Was it the wind, or was she loosing her mind? She kissed her hand and laid it upon her fathers name, and walked away.

Dusk had claimed the sky as the sun had settled. Victoria, with her head low, walked through a maze of graves, aimless and with no direction. Guided by the wind and the whispers that quietly stirred within her, she found herself at a mausoleum. A large, white mausoleum stood before her. Ivy entangled within itself had covered the walls. A high pitched squeak disrupted the silence as the wind had pushed one of the metal doors slightly open.

Curious, Victoria slowly moved towards the door. She extended her arm toward the door, her hand shook, as another whisper blew past her, “Victoria.” She quickly with drew her hand, and her breath quickened. She wondered if she should enter, due to being in a graveyard which held a certain eerieness about it.

The urge was hard to ignore. She pushed the metal door open to the mausoleum, and stepped inside. She followed the steps down into the darkness, as her all her fears surfaced. Gliding her fingers along the wall to guider her, Victoria's fear slightly parted as she took in a floral scent. “Flowers in this dusty grave?” she thought to herself.

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She came to the base of the steps, and stepped into a small patch of light where there was a single red rose lay upon a short marble pillar. Taking the flower into her hands, she squeezed it as she breathed in the aroma. “Oww.” She quietly exclaimed and looked down on her bleeding hand. The thorns to rose pierced her fair skin.

“Victoria.” The once imagined whisper was now a close rumbling tone.

“Whose there?” Victoria asked through a shaky voice, with the rose still in hand.

“Do not be frightened.” A beautiful man emerged from behind a corner pillar.

“Who—Who are you?” She stammered, as she grazed upon his beauty. Perfect pale skin, complemented by flowing brown locks, took her breath away.

“Names are not important Victoria. The question you should be asking is how that I know of yours.” His voice was just as beautiful as he was. Disarmed by his beauty, she could not move.
“I am Louis. May I inquire as to why you have come here?”

“It was as if I was drawn here.” Victoria replied and her fears quickly subsided. “I could ask you the same.”

Louis removed his bold green eyes from her gaze and shifted them down to a stone coffin, and motioned his hand to the same direction. Victoria slowly removed her eyes from him and shifted them down to the the stone coffin, which read “Here Lies Louis Conor”

With her mind racing, she stepped backwards until she was stopped by the wall. The blood stained rose had fallen from her hands. Lois progressed towards her. " That is right, Victoria, that is mine."

Without even a slightest blur of movement, Louis was now face to face with Victoria. She closed her eyes and turned her head away as he caressed her long golden hair. "Do you know what I am?" He whispered in her ear.

Victoria pressed her body farther into the wall as if she was trying to meld into it. She wasn't sure if she was suppose to be repulsed by his touch, or if she was suppose to fall ever-so wanting into his hands. Louis gently cupped her chin, and moved her head to face him. " I am a Vampire, and you cannot resist me."

She gazed into his glimmering green eyes and was captivated. She fell under his enchanting spell, she was his.

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