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Touch Story
Tree House Part 1

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“I am so sorry Levi. It was not my intention to hurt you. It was you girlfriend who hit me first and it was an accident. Please believe me,” I beg him.

“Stop it. I don’t have any trust on you anymore. I’ve seen you holding a gun that night and you will tell me that it was just an accident, no way,” he insists.

“Please believe me. You know that I love you and I cannot do that because it is your happiness. Can’t you remember what I promise?”

He never nods to what I am telling him by now. He only tightens his fist and bows down his head. I know that it is hard to accept what happens because it his special someone who died. It is the mourning part of his life when he looses her.

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“I know that you have the strength to kill her so why you don’t choose me instead of her,” he says. I can’t do that. In fact, she is the one who wanted to kill me that night.

“I cannot kill you. The truth is that she is the one who brought the gun and pointed it to me. In order to protect myself, I stole it away from her. Unfortunately, she pushed something hard and the gun was on her direction. Then, I am forceless when I saw her lying half-dead unto the ground. My hands were stained with her blood and I cannot feel the gun anymore. It is only a matter of self-defence why she put herself to death,” I explain.

“I am on my halfway of believing you. I just need proofs. I want evidences to prove your innocence and that is all I want to see in order to forgive you,”

“Now, have you remembered what I promise?” I ask him again.

“No,” he answers directly.

“Even it is hard for you to love me, I just need your little attention. I am happy that with my eyes I can see your smile and through my heart, I can feel your love. Love is painful for me and so I will never regret for it. Love is the reason of my innocence why truth is bound within me. If loving you is my happiness and your happiness is located elsewhere; then, loving you must meant I really have to set you free,”

“Can’t you stop being faithful to me?” he asks. I have a lot of answers in my mind but I need to choose only one.

“I can’t tell. I can’t stop myself. It is not my fault to fall in love with you. It is not my intention to love you. This is not obsession but an infatuation I must hold on. We were childhood friends and we keep staying on our tree house during rainy days,” I almost tell him the things that will prove my faithfulness to him.

I can hear the sound of thunder above us. I can feel the warm breeze from the sea. I can sense the raindrops running down my skin. Lovers pass us by, sharing with one umbrella. I cannot tell a single word about it for he always blame with all the things that were happened to his life.

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“Before I go, I want you to know that you are always in my prayer and I am so thankful that God made you. There is nothing you should realize now. I know you can’t love me and that is the truth I must learn to accept right now,” I turn around and walk away.


The next day, I just received a bad news. It is not only one but two. First, the test of my cancer comes and it is real that I am dying. It is incurable anymore. I saw mom and dad crying in front of me as well as my brother. The doctor says that I have two weeks left. And now, my happiness is limited. I can’t see him again. Before I die, I must say something to him. Second, how can I tell him if he was admitted last night to the hospital? Dad says that he was driving drunk and looses his break so he bumped his car to a cemented post. As a result, his eyes were greatly affected.

I hastily go up from my bed, take a bath and goes north to the hospital. Time is running so I must not waste it. When I arrive, I see him with his eyes close. I ask the doctor what happens to Levi.

“Excuse me; may I know what happened to his eyes?”

“When he bumped his car to the post, it was the glass breaks and some of the pieces go inside to his two eyes. We badly need a volunteer for an eye transplant right now so may you excuse me,” the doctor answers.

They need a volunteer for an eye transplant. I look at him again and think forward. If I am dying and someone needs a help, I can give this eyes of mine for him and in fact, my cancer is far away from this part.

I walk to the counter and ask some nurse for the transplant. I choose to be the volunteer than to be a waste for him. I want to show him the meaning of love that is endless.

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