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Unlucky Love Part 1

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It was Valentine's Day.

I never knew if I would ever find love. I never did because my luck never gave me the chance to meet the right girl. I often stare out of the window looking down at the streets of my town and asked myself, "When will the girl of my dreams appear?"

But it never did because I never had such luck. It was Valentine's Day and I was staring out of the window as usual, thinking about my true love but she didn't appear before me. I couldn't bear the pain and loneliness of being alone and I hope that I will meet my true love today.

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My dad appeared at the door and said, "Hey kid, want to buy some flowers?"
"For whom dad?", I asked with my expressions down.
He sat next to me smiling and looked into my eyes, "Who would that be? It’s for your mother naturally."
He paused, "And when you meet Akky, please help me to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day."
I grinned, "Yeah sure."
I took the money.
Before I went out, I asked him, "Is there true love in this world?"
"Love is all around kid. And anyway, today is Valentine's Day!" He smiled.

I nodded and went off to the florist. There, I saw many types of flowers like roses, daffodils, etc. I didn't know what to buy for my mother.
"Excuse me sir, your father has selected the flower for you to buy." The owner of the shop said.
"What? Oh okay!" I nodded. I went to the counter and saw red roses lying at the table. I picked it up.
She took the money and asked, "For whom are you giving the roses?"
"Unfortunately, I don't have anyone whom I can give to. So it's better to give it to my mom."
She raised her brows, "Oh really? Why not try giving it to some of your friends?"

She was right. As I walked down the streets, I saw many couples who were busy kissing and cuddling, I was getting jealous as I never had anyone whom I can share my love with. I was always so unlucky. Why? But I suddenly remembered what the florist suggested about today being Valentine’s Day and how I should try giving roses to my friends.

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So I did and some said:
"Oh sorry, I am committed."
"I think you as a very good friend."
"I am not good at dating."
"I don't like roses."

And blah, blah, blah. There were all sorts of excuses. Only one girl remained and that was my best friend whom I knew since I was a very young. She has always been my good friend and I didn't think that I should give her the rose and in the process spoil our friendship as from the last I heard, she has an unknown boyfriend.

But still, I went to her house. She was alone at home making cup cakes and I asked her, "For whom are you making those cup cakes?"
"For the one I love, who I live for." She said it with a cute adorable smile and looked very beautiful. I couldn't bear to give her the roses.
"Who have you bought the roses for? Have you found someone?"
"Not really," I blushed.
"It's for mom."
"Your mom is out of town for some corporate work. How are you going to give the roses to her?" She said grimly.

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