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First Love Story
The Day I Noticed


It was raining that day but the air was warm. I love to get wet in the rain but did not get wet on that day for some reason unknown to even myself. However, I remembered seeing him on that day. It was a memory I will never forget.

We did not know each other in a dramatic way like those seen in movies or romance novels but the way we met was special and unique in its own way. I was staring at how the droplets of water magically disappear upon hitting the floor and leaving the floor wet when I saw him. He was walking slowly to his third period class as I watched him.

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His hair was completely wet and jet black. It gave me the urge to pass my fingers through his curly hair. He was tall at five feet eleven and had broad shoulders that made him look very athletic. I had never been interested in guys that looked like him but something changed when I saw his face. He had a complexion that would attract you to him, an oval face with a thin roman nose and full cherry red lips. His eyebrows were thickly arched and dark, which contrasted with his pale skin. He had perfect almond shaped eyes that were jade green and had specks of ocean blue. They made my heart beat faster and cause my blood to rush through the veins and explode in the cheeks. He looked my way and turned away as though seeing nothing important or significant.

My friend Dianne called me.
"Are you listening?" She asked.
She had caught me off guard.
"Ugh?" I said, turning to look at her and forgetting about him.
"Thanks Ashley." She said sarcastically and we walked to class together.

The next day I saw him again in the morning and there was still about twenty minutes left before the bell rang for class.
"Do you know what time it is?" He asked me with a light husky voice and a British accent that gave my goose bumps.
"Umm... Yeah." I said looking at my watch, clearly nervous.
"It’s about 7.05 a.m."
"Thank you." He replied and smiled, displaying his dimples.
He looked confused after that as his mind seemed to be debating on whether to go or to stay.
"Do you mind if I wait for the bell with you?" He asked me.
Blood rushed to my cheeks and I was reminded of how I hated my light-coloured skin which makes my blushing very noticeable.

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We talked for what seemed like ages as he told me about his life and I told him about mine. He seemed to laugh a lot when I talked about myself. My life was quite funny and dorky while his was classic and elegant. He was seventeen and I was fifteen. He was a senior and I was a sophomore. After that, we seemed to have become friends and we would hang out together during lunch although not everyone though it was cool for a senior to be seen with a sophomore. However, that's something I love about him. He didn't care what others thought.

Months passed and the feelings I had for him grew stronger. That's when I decided it was time to tell him what I felt. I couldn't hide it anymore. On April 14th, we went to the park together and we got onto swings that were side by side.

"Can I tell you something?" I asked him.
"Sure." He replied.
"What do you do if you like a person? Do you tell them?"
"Well it depends." He said.
"On what?"
"Well I wouldn't actually know how to answer that question. I'm still in a dilemma as I am exactly in the same situation." He said and my heart sank.
It was obvious. I should have known that a senior and a sophomore would never work out. He probably saw me as his little sister.
"Oh." was all I could muster up as a reply.

"Can you come with me? I want to show her to you. She's here." He said.
He held my hand as he got off the swing. It had become a norm for him to hold my hand, but he would only hold it as a friend. He walked me halfway across the park and there they were. There was a group of girls his age laughing and talking about fashion.
"See the girl with the pink shirt and blond hair?" He asked me and I nodded.
"That's not her." He said.
As I turned to look at him, he pressed his lips against mine. I stood there motionless, still in shock. He broke off and looked at me.
"I apologize, I just..." He began to say something but I cut him off.
"You like me?" I asked absolutely confused.
"If you don't want me to I won't." he said timidly.
"No! I mean I’m sorry. It's just that I had never been kissed till now. So I just don't know how to react." I said and he smiled.
"I guess I can teach you." He said and chuckled as we tried it one more time and he kissed me and I kissed him back.

By Ashley


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