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Untitled Love Story Part 1

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The auspicious meeting began once again; during one of the hottest days Brooklyn has ever felt. During the summer of 1977, underneath the blazing sun and near the waves of the ocean, their eyes met again after many lifetimes apart.

The reunion ends during a freezing Brooklyn winter in January 2010, awkward and melancholy, this was a symbolic attempt to stop time and restore their relationship with each other to the way it was years before, in 1977

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She thinks of him with a kind of idealized perfection that he neither deserves nor possesses. Her dream is ruined by the unworthiness of the "object of her desire". They both were hoping to recreate a lost time when they had dreams, they both long to re-create a vanished past—their time in Brooklyn, together. When their hopes vanish, all that is left for them to do is to move on with their separate lives.

On the surface, Untitled Love Story is a story of the thwarted love between a young man and a young woman. The main theme of the novel, however, is about a long lost love, that when found, could not be recovered again because too much time has passed.

After a co-incidental reunion on a social website in September 2009, they re-establish their connection. Their psychotic love rekindled, they begin an artificial affair via the internet/late night phone calls/emails.

Below is an excerpt from one of Amy's poems written to him while she was admitted into the McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA. It is rumored to believe she received over 10 electroshock treatments for her hysteria in claiming to believe she was Joan Of Arc. No comment from her former lover who was living in a remote area of Canada with his fifth wife who is 21 year his junior..


March 22, 2030

Dear Warthog!

Wanting to tell you how much the last 53 years have meant to me However, what kind of picture can I paint, with so many colors, for you to see? My God, this bed is full of pee!

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The number 71 seems so old when I think of you

You were the sweet young 18 year old that I knew

You said that you came here a thousand years ago on a ship

Only to be taken by a mean little girl years later with a whip

Now you have some little Bimbo wiping your lip

You are so cautious, so clever in your ways

When you first came back into my life, after such a delay

You are nothing but an old horse, go on you little monkey, Eat Your Hay!

You are happy in your life now, with your hobbies, travels, with a young wife on the side

I had no right, not right whatsoever, to want to take you with me on a ride

We are getting older, wiser I would say That we see each other again, before our living nights fade away

After your viagra is gone, do you think this fifth wife of yours is gonna stay?

I love the way you speak to me, with the calming nourishment that I need

Its as if God has sent a ray of sunshine with our new friendship by planting a seed

If I could take back all the months that we shared

I could say to myself, that I never cared

I know we never see each other every day

Maybe one day, we can meet each other half way

Speak up you Italian little monkey...WHAT DID YOU SAY???

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