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Great Love Quotes


If you have love in your life
it can make up for a great
many things you lack.
If you don't have it,
no matter what else there is,
it's not enough.

Great hate follows great love

Because the distance
between us is so great,
my arms cannot reach you,
but because my love for you
is just as great,
my heart does

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There are three things that remain
- faith, hope, and love
- and the greatest of these is love.

Love and magic have
a great deal in common.
They enrich the soul,
delight the heart.
And they both take practice.

The greatest happiness of life
is the conviction that we are loved
- loved for ourselves, or rather,
loved in spite of ourselves.

All quality items must be tested
to ensure promised high
standards for the customers.
With love, distance is the greatest test.
A love that survives
this great test is a love
that is 'Quality Inspected and Guaranteed for Life.'

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The greatest thing
this heart can achieve,
is to find something
worth to dream,
and baby,
you are the dream

They are wrong who say
that love is blind.
On the contrary, nothing
- not even the smallest detail
- escapes the eyes;
one sees everything in the loved one,
notices everything;
but melts it all into one flame
with the great and simple:
I love you.

More Great Love Quotes Page  [ 1 ]


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