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Love And Hate Poems


Why do I love you
With all my heart?
Why did I fall for you
From the start?

Why do you cause me
So much pain?
Why do you stick to my heart
Like a stain?

Why couldn't I see
You weren't gonna stay?
Why did I believe
You were gonna take the pain away?

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Why did you play my heart
Like a game?
Why couldn't you ever
Feel the same?

Why do I sit
In my room all alone?
Why do I pray
You would call my phone?

Why did you end it
Right after our one year?
Why didn't it bother you
When you made my eyes tear?

Why cant I stop thinking of you,
Why can't I say goodbye
Why do I still get jealous
When I see you with another guy?

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Why do you come back in my life
As soon as I'm letting go?
Why do I still get butterflies
When you just say hello?

Why can't I forget about you
And put you in the past?
Why does a part of me still believe
That me and you were made to last?

More Love Hate Poems Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]


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