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Married Quotes


Wedding rings:
the world's smallest handcuffs.

Bigamy is having
one husband or wife too many.
Monogamy is the same.

Men marry because
they are tired;
women because
they are curious;
both are disappointed.

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Before marriage,
a girl has to make love
to a man to hold him.
After marriage,
she has to hold him
to make love to him.

Never feel remorse
for what you have
thought about your wife;
she has thought much
worse things about you.

Marriage is a bribe
to make the housekeeper
think she's a householder.

I have learned that
only two things are necessary
to keep one's wife happy.
First, let her think
she's having her own way.
And second, let her have it.

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I never married because
there was no need.
I have 3 pets at home
which answer the
same purpose as a husband.
I have a dog which
growls every morning,
a parrot which
swears all afternoon
and a cat that comes home
late at night.

I would rather be
a beggar and single,
than a queen and married.

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