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Relationship Quotes


You know it is love when
you want to share everything with her,
even her pain.
You know it is love
when you can't stop thinking about her.
You know it is love
when you'd rather be in a relationship
but apart than not in a relationship at all.
But, most of all,
you know it is love when your
happiness is dependant upon hers.
At least that's how I know.

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Each night I am counting
the days until we'll be together;
someday it will be just that,
we will be one for eternity.

I often find myself thinkin'
about all the good times we've spent together,
and it always gives me a happy feeling
no matter how long
we're apart or how far away you are,
a very special part of you goes with me everywhere ...

Standing together side by side
there is nothing in this world we
can't conquer when it's just you and I

I know it's hard for us to be together,
but I do understand it's
harder to live without one another.
Just want to let you know that
even though we cannot be together,
we will never ever be apart because the love that
I have for you will always grow stronger,
as long as I live.

And even though I know how very far apart we are,
it helps to think we might be
wishing on the same bright star.
And when the night winds
start to sing a lonesome lullaby,
it helps to think we're
sleeping underneath the same big sky.
Somewhere out there,
if love can see us through then,
we'll be together ...
Somewhere out there,
out where dreams, come true.

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Whenever you're in conflict with someone,
there is one factor that can make the difference
between damaging your relationship and deepening it.
That factor is attitude.

Assumptions are
the termites of relationships.

All at once, you look across a crowded
room for no one in particular, just looking.
Suddenly, you see him, but, oh,
how many times you've seen him before.
So why did your heart just skip a beat?
Your eyes meet by mere coincidence, or is it?
At that moment you both instantly know
that the relationship between the two of you,
will never be the same again.

It is the things in common that
make relationships enjoyable,
but it is the little differences
that make them interesting.

Long distance relationships
are like wind to a fire;
it puts out the small ones,
but inflames the big ones

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