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Dating Quotes


I was dating this girl for two years --
and right away the nagging starts:
I wanna know your name.

Dating should be less
about matching outward
circumstances than
meeting your inner necessity.

How many of you have ever started dating
because you were too lazy to commit suicide?

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My grandmother's 90.
She's dating.
He's about 93.
It's going great.
They never argue.
They can't hear each other.

Yeah, I'm kind of lazy.
I'm dating a pregnant woman.

The whole dating ritual
was different when I was a kid.
Girls got pinned, not nailed.

My mom always complains
about my lack of a boyfriend.
Well, next time she asks,
I'm going to tell her I'm dating two different guys :
Mr. Duracell and Mr. Energizer.

Whenever I want a really nice meal,
I start dating again.

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I'm dating a homeless woman.
It was easier talking her into staying over.

My computer dating bureau
came up with a perfect gentleman.
Still, I've got another three goes.

(Computer dating)
It's terrific if you're a computer.

Do you believe in computer dating?
Only if the computers really love each other.

Computerized dating can save a lot of guesswork -
but so can a bikini.

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