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True Love - Is there any true love in this world? Learn about what is the real true love for everybody.

The Breakup Letter - Lovers always make things complicated for themselves. In this story, see how a love letter evolves into a break up letter with disastrous consequences.

The Racer - All guys like fast cars. See how a car actually becomes the biggest obstacle to a relationship.

Love and Marriage - Story teaching you all about Romance, Love and Marriage.

Reason for Love - This story tells us about the perfect reason for why do you love the special someone in your heart.

Follow Your Heart - Another one of those stories on why you should always follow your heart and tell them you love them before it's too late.

A Great Life - Ever heard the saying, "The best gift parents can ever give to their children is to love each other"? The author clearly depicts this saying in her story and shows us the way to lead a great life.

Love Letters To God - Cute love letters to god by kids who clearly appreciate life better as compared to adults with their wide-eyed innocence.

A Couple's Heartbreak - Heartbreaks are inevitable whenever something unfortunate happens. However, this story shows us once again that love conquers all.

Love Program - Funny story about what would have had happen if you install love as a software into a person.

A Boy and Girl - Childish love story which might bring back your cute memories about learning about love as a kid.


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