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True Love Stories


Love Stories


Kindness Pays - Read about how God gives love to his children in such a way that kindness always pays off.

Soulmates - True story about how a pair of soulmates connected right away from their first meeting.

Till Death Do Us Not Part - A true story about how even death cannot separate the deep love between a couple.

The Divorce - Divorce is often not the solution to problems. See how an old couple let love remain between them despite a divorce.

Friends - Meaningful story about how we should treat friends and love them like loving ourselves.

Cupid and Psyche - A visitor submitted story about how an unlikely relationship develop between a teacher and her student and how it left beautiful memories for her.

My Biggest Fear - Cute story about how even a little boy can show true love in its purest form.

She Was Not Beautiful - Everyone loves beautiful people. However, this story teaches us about the beauty within a person is much more important than external beauty.

Hold Her Hand - How does a simple act of holding hands show what is true love? Read on to find out now.


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